Industrial Equipments

We boost your business with equipment tailored to your needs.

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We bet on your goals

Openings, updating, reconversion or repositioning of spaces and concepts.

Design and execution

of projects and facilities


Solutions adapted to every need and budget

Technical assistance

and maintenance

Projection and execution

Professional kitchens

Our technical office and our strategic consulting office makes innovative proposals according to the different business profiles, hotels, catering, restaurants or communities, giving importance to criteria of sustainability, ergonomics, hygiene, food safety, performance and after-sales service. We manufacture the furniture necessary for each project to measure, fulfilling parameters of quality, functionality and aesthetics.

We have technical assistance and maintenance service to respond effectively and with the best quality of service. We guarantee our clients the performance, good operation and profitability of their facilities.

Projection and design

Buffet furniture

We design spaces and design furniture for buffets based on our results in I+D+I matters, which provide a differentiating character. We manufacture our furniture handling all the necessary and existing materials on the market, carrying out an integral and multi-material work in a single manufacturer.

We offer tailor-made solutions for the most complex and sophisticated projects, meeting the criteria of the different design teams of our clients, or with the own criteria offered by our strategic and creative consulting office.

Special manufacturing

Custom-made furniture

We adapt to all the possible needs of each business, providing creativity with our consulting office and our technical office. This way no special idea or project remains unrealized.

We combine in our multimaterial manufacturing everything necessary to materialize any team or project.

Manufacture of custom and stylish bars, receptions for hotels and businesses, cellars and wine cellars, exhibition and maturation of meats, and more.

Innovation coupled with good design and execution means that we can offer unlimited work, where we combine any material, with any technical equipment.

Calculation, projection and execution

Industrial laundries

We offer the calculation of equipment needs for industrial laundries, taking care of the different types of laundry, such as hotels, communities, restaurants, hospitals, self-service, etc.

We design and equip work spaces, always thinking about obtaining the best possible performance, attending to ergonomic, sustainability, economy and durability criteria.

We have technical assistance and maintenance service to respond effectively and with the best quality of service. We guarantee our clients the performance, good operation and profitability of their facilities.

Design and execution

Kitchens for home and yachts

Our multidisciplinary team makes it possible to conceptualize, design and manufacture all types of kitchens for individuals with contributions from semi-industrial machinery, to offer design, practicality and superior performance in times of greatest need, either due to a greater number of diners, or at the request of our clients.

We work together with architecture, engineering and interior design studios providing all our services to equip special kitchens and kitchens for the nautical sector.


Teacher training for Hospitality Schools
and educational centers.

The extensive experience of our technical-commercial team allow us to offer the possibility of carrying out educational activities in the field of projection and equipment of professional kitchens as well as industrial laundries to educational centers specialized in catering. With this aim, we have developed a complete course to impart specific technical and construction knowledge, which combines all the necessary specialties to implement the necessary equipment in each type of business, such as construction, ventilation, sustainability, computerization, lighting, energy and equipment maintenance, etc.

Why us?

General management

We manage all phases of the project.
From needs assessment to design, planning and equipment.


Communication and coordination with a single interlocutor to streamline and optimize processes and results.


We work with the best firms in the sector.


Professionals from the sector for complete advice in all areas.

He began designing and equipping industrial kitchens with Fagor Industrial and years later he created his own equipment company with Electrolux as the main supplier. After leaving this project, he specialized in designing and equipping 5th range kitchens with numerous food chains throughout Spain. At that time he began his teaching work in various hospitality schools teaching the subject of “Design and projection of industrial kitchens” and which he continues to practice today in the Balearic Islands.

In recent years he has specialized in the design of buffet furniture for hotels, equipping buffets for up to 2000 people. He has carried out various I+D+I works with an engineering team,  providing high technology in the management of buffet equipment.

Senior technician in culinary and master’s degree in gastronomy and tourism, Vicente has been dedicated to the management of gastronomic projects for the hospitality and tourism sector for nearly two decades, carrying out implementations of management systems in large-volume kitchens, creating offer for prestigious restaurants and hotel chains, direction of restaurant consultancies, hotel outlets openings, and training and roll out in F&B repositioning projects, as well as in restaurant chains in different international destinations.

He is currently a consultant chef for Alvarez Group and founding partner of the gastronomic project company PG-HUB.

Vicente Fortea

Master in management and administration of hospitality companies, Raúl has a wide professional career in different hotel and restaurant establishments, nationally and internationally. More than 15 years linked to the hospitality industry in the Food and Beverages area, in operational and management positions. Developing both implementation, improvement and monitoring tasks for new or consolidated projects. Structuring staff, organizing spaces, coordinating the culinary offer and supervising budget items to guarantee objectives and customer satisfaction.

His experience and knowledge of the sector are a key tool for the configuration of projects based on efficiency and oriented to results.