Petit Monti·Sión


Entering the emblematic neighbourhood of Sa Gerreria, in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, we find the Hotel Petit Monti · Sión. A place where design and comfort come together to offer a unique experience.

From this perfect location, encourages guests to discover the best of Mallorca and make them feel like an authentic local, strolling down the streets of Palma old town where the true roots of the origin of the island were born.

Our work:

At the Hotel Petit Monti·Sión we have fully carried out all the special multi-material works.

The dining area has a high-quality wine cellar, which we have manufactured entirely to measure and according to the client’s decorative criteria. It is a spectacular showcase of red and white wines, cavas and waters. Another point that stands out in this area is the stainless steel multifunctional bar made to measure.

We have captured the client’s idea by creating the buffet furniture made of wood and solid surface, together with the refrigeration elements.