More than 50 years of experience

Our main objective is to offer added value to our clients, through specific advice according to their project and type. We are commited to your needs, which guarantees your operation and satisfaction.

We distribute the most prestigious brands in the world.

In addition, we have our own own brands. Cris & Aron for tableware, Qcina for the kitchen and Nokte for presentation elements and food exposition.

Technological trends

We are aware of the latest technological trends. We work with electronic invoicing at the accounting level and with radiofrequency at logistic level, which greatly speeds up internal and external processes.

We offer national and international service coverage through our commercial network.



Our logistics center works through a Warehouse Management System (WMS). An advanced software solution that uses the latest technologies at the service of the supply chain and that allows us to manage in a more efficient way the operations.

The main technological components that configure and define a WMS are: bar codes, radio frequency system, electronic data interchange (EDI) and integrated logistics management systems (ERP-WMS-ERP).

ISO 9001

Estamos comprometidos plenamente con la calidad. Nuestro objetivo es garantizar un producto y servicio de calidad para conseguir el mayor grado de satisfacción posible de nuestros clientes. Esta política de calidad, es la base de nuestro sistema gestión de calidad basado en la norma ISO 9001:2015.

corporate social responsibility

We set the table together

We assume our responsibility as a company to generate positive impacts in the economy, society and the Environment. We actively and voluntarily contribute to economic, social and environmental improvement.

We guarantee the continuous improvement of processes and services through the contributions of employees, suppliers and customers. We are fully committed to quality. Our goal is to guarantee a quality product and service to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction for our customers. We bet on the social-labor integration of people in vulnerable situations, by incorporating people with learning difficulties into the team.
Internally, with actions that show up respect for the employee. Through the implementation of a remuneration policy through social benefits that includes initiatives such as: special discounts in the service sector, working hours that facilitate work-life balance and team building activities. Externally, with policies and actions to help disadvantaged groups. Through apolitical and non-denominational social initiatives on groups with a lack of resources. Since 2011, each year, donations of part of the benefits to foundations or NGOs have been carried out.


We carry out actions in favor of a sustainable socioeconomic development in accordance with the environment that surrounds us.

Our environmental behavior is based on the principle of the 3R (reduce, recycle, reuse), for the conservation of the environment and energy savings

Among these measures carried out would be: